Rules and Regulations

Please note that for liability insurance reasons and spectator safety, table saws (of any size) are no longer allowed in the competition.

  • Each team will consist of two boat builders.
  • Each team will be assigned a space approximately 12’X 15’. All tools, tables and necessary building materials shall be confined to this space.
  • Each team will provide their own tools, both hand and power. 20 amp service will be supplied to each team. All tools must be in good repair with all guards and safeties in working order. Be sure to bring #2 square head drill bits as well as #2 phillips head drill bits
  • Any power tool is allowed EXCEPT for pneumatic tools and table saws.
  • Each team must bring their own sawhorses and worktables(s). NO jigs, precut patterns of any sort or automatic assembly mechanism may be used.
  • Only manual caulking guns may be used to dispense adhesive and caulking material. Teams must bring their own caulk guns.
  • All plans and building materials will be supplied by the National BoatBuilding Challenge Committee.
  • The oars must be HAND-MADE by the team (not purchased); however, they should be made ahead of time. One set of 2-inch diameter oar locks and oar sockets will be supplied and are to be installed AFTER the team has blown the whistle to signal completion of the boat.
  • Transom blank will be provided at the competition.
  • Two station molds are needed and should be built before the competition.
  • Boat plans are available to teams as soon as their registration fee is received.
  • A team is permitted to be coached verbally, but the coach cannot physically assist the team in any way.
  • PFD’s (life jackets) need to be provided by the building teams.
  • The fee to reserve a workspace for the competition and receive the boat plans is $100.00 payable to the NCBBHF (the North Carolina Boat Building Heritage Foundation).
  • Prize money for the Beaufort National BoatBuilding Challenge will be distributed as follows:
    • $500.00 – FIRST PLACE – to the team with the lowest total points
    • $300.00 – SECOND PLACE – to the team with the second lowest total points
    • $200.00 — THIRD PLACE — to the team with the third lowest total points


Each team will be awarded points for their standing against other teams and the lowest score wins. Each team’s individual score is based on the following:

  • 1/3 – Speed of building the boat
  • 1/3 – Quality of workmanship
  • 1/3 – 2 man relay rowing race

Speed of building the boat

Each team will have a 4 hour time limit to build the boat. Points will be awarded for simple elapsed time. First place will receive 3/4 point (the fractional score prevents tie scores), second place will receive 2 points, third place will receive 3 points, fourth place will receive 4 points, fifth place will receive 5 points, and so on.

Quality of workmanship

Each team’s boat will be evaluated by our judges taking into account adherence to the plans, the general appearance of the boat and the overall quality of workmanship. The judge’s evaluations will be compiled and scoring points will be given as above (3/4 to the best boat, 2 point to the second, three points to the third, etc.)

Relay rowing race

The race will be a relay on an even course with each team member rowing one leg each. The course will be short with simple straight lines and one turn. (The rower’s head must break the plane of the turn-around line.)  The boat’s touching the dock will determine the completion time for each team. Scoring points will be assigned as above.